Passenger Elevators

Passenger elevators (UNI EN81.20 / 50-2014 standard) are located in almost all buildings in public life, as well as in many apartment buildings. They are available in countless variants and configurations. Elevators not only increase living comfort but also enable barrier-free living for older and handicapped people, furthermore an elevator also increases the value of a property.

Elevators are usually installed in wall or concrete shafts, but can also be installed in glass shafts, in stairwells and on the facade. Subsequent installation in existing buildings can also be implemented. Depending on the size of the cabin, 1 to 20 people or more can be transported. These elevators are usually very individually tailored to the building and the customer. Depending on the purpose of use, building height, etc., a distinction is made between cable drive MRL or with machine room and hydraulic.


Euroservice Merano GmbH offers you professional maintenance of the elevator system as your regional partner.

Elevator systems are usually systems that require monitoring and that the operator must keep in a proper condition; he must carry out the necessary maintenance work, carry out necessary repairs immediately and take the necessary safety measures according to the circumstances. In addition, customers can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the application and necessity, we offer various maintenance packages.

Emergency call communication system for elevators according to EN81.28

Elevator malfunctions are uncomfortable when you are locked in the car. Should this situation arise, it is valuable to reach a constantly manned emergency call center with just one push of a button, which will quickly provide assistance or rescue people. We have the individually tailored emergency call system with a fixed telephone line or GSM system for you.